Saturday, 17 November 2012

the initial was 2 and ++

i counted the loss...
and the initial number was not 1 and ++
but 2 and ++
that is a huge gap...
and the size too..
thank you Allah,
thank you mak,
thank you ayah,
thank you adik
coz you challenged me
and motivated me with that 'T' thing
wish i could have that at the end of this month thooooo..
currently i'm on my break,
but the break won't be long...
i have to re- start again in order to achieve my ideal weight...
not an easy task tho..
i swear to God..
i feel light..
of course not like the feathers..
kalau humban dalam sungai,
kompem tenggelam
and produces a BIG splash!
masih berat..(=_+)"

years back.....

*spot me!*

with my current weight, it is much easier for me to move around especially for the Outdoors....hiking, water tubing, camping, water sports, monkey ride, river crossing, rock climbing,swimming explorace, and the most special thing is on the abseiling part...kalau flying fox tu, tak adalah kendur tali tu...haha...looking forward for Sky Trex soon! another KGs to go....

love taking stairs...
baik dengan heels or sport shoes..
with wedges ,
it is much and a lot better to boost the steps..
give it a try!

oklah..time to plan for next week's stuff..
teachings, practicals, reviews, term papers, presentations and course projects...

allahumma yassir wala tuassir..

p/s: people! let's brisk walk! hehe ^^

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