Monday, 29 October 2012


humm..i've got hangers in my own room..
special hangers!
kekekeke..*gelak cara Popeye*
the hangers for my TO DO LIST lor...
do you wanna see how the papers bersidai?
come closer..
lemme show you..
*Popeye laughs skali!*

they have been hung there today,
lotsa things to do...
buckle up Sha!
lillah, billah, ma'allahh..

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pulang Sudah....

anak2 sepupu: Cik Ida, kita orang boleh duduk sini, keluar and datang balik sampai pukul satu eh?
me: hoiii! korang ingat rumah Cik Ida ni Tesco Damansara and Melaka? bukak sampai pukul satu? *rolling eyes* <-- peristiwa raya haji tak puas..kekekeke...

al- kisah sebenarnya adalah.....

bila dah balik sini kan, mulalah teringat pada rumah..normal lah kan? tapi,part yang paling abnormal tu adalah, tengah sedap sedap bergolek atas katil kan, terdengar rantai pagar kat rumah as if ada orang nak bukak..hantukah? no no no no...illusi semata...T_T *tanda tanda rindu* then terdengar suara ayah panggil nama timangan manja gila kat rumah..*exaggerate ^_<* lepas tu terdengar mak tengah kecoh kecoh kat dapur dengan my brother....T_T *nanges lagi*..apekah semua itu? I MISS MY FAMILY adalah jawapannya...kapan mahu pulang lagi? *kira hari dengan jari*,<-- tak cukup! (=_=)". Bye mak, ayah, ifi, and penunggu paling setia kat rumah tu aka, kucing gonna miss all! including my youngest bro yg terdampar kat pelantar terbiar tuh..*menyabutkah kamu?* puas hati dapat video call dengan dia during the 1st day of Eidul Adha..hummm...hari ini juga adalah last day kita dapat dengar takbir raya..tunggu setahun lagi baru dapat dengar live pulak...

kan dah terkisah..T_T

sekian entry sedih..T_T

Saturday, 27 October 2012


when it comes to that two words,
it makes me wonder,
am i really the cause,
or is it me,
or whoever you are,
who just can't control yourself?
or is it me,
being the real cause?
always me,
and me,
and me,
and got humiliated.
'that' develops HATE.
1 thing as a reminder,
do not blame people,
do not pinpoint people,
coz the moment you are pinpointing people,
there are 9 other fingers which are pinpointing back to you and yourself.
those sentences,
are accumulated as 1 reminder.
that is the thing that i always keep as a reminder to myself.
talking about negativity,
when you are saying it 'it is not'.......................
actually, you are saying 'yes' to yourself,
so, please, don't,
coz, it portrays dissatisfaction,
coz in the end,
you might 'indirectly' confess it in front of others,
without you realizing and knowing that actually,
you uttered your sincere 'confession',
that's human,
tak lepas dari kesilapan...
and LOVE it...
coz not everyday is Sunday...

p/s: that's my share for today, what's yours? ^^

Friday, 26 October 2012

Eidul Adha Mubarak to All!

it's  the Eid! 
let us  empower and enlighten ourselves  
with our devotion to Allah by
performing all His commands 
and express the takbir and tahmid wholeheartedly! 

 and am wishing Haji mabrurun to my lecturers..
let us recite this together..^^

Bacaan Talbiah:
لَبَّيْكَ اللَّهُمَّ لَبَّيْكَ، لَبَّيْكَ لاَ شَرِيْكَ لَكَ لَبَّيْكَ
 إِنَّ الْحَمْدَ وَالنِّعْمَةَ لَكَ وَالْمُلْكَ لاَ شَرِيْكَ لَكَ
Labbaikallahumma Labbaik
Labbaika Laa Syarikalaka Labbaik
Innalhamda Wan Ni’mata
Laka Wal Mulk
Laa Syarikalak
Erti bacaan talbiyah:
Aku memenuhi panggilanMu ya Allah aku memenuhi panggilanMu. Aku memenuhi panggilanMu tiada sekutu bagiMu aku memenuhi panggilanMu. Sesungguhnya pujian dan ni’mat adalah milikMu begitu juga kerajaan tiada sekutu bagiMu

Monday, 22 October 2012

the chores!

instead of shortening my neck and broadening my belly,
i've been doing some chores lately....
(what a 2 kerat pantun..hummm)
to grow bigger when you're on holiday
is a MUST..
TING! (^_<)
it's the time rite?
kat rumah kot..
store everything you desired and wished before,
once you get back to your hostel,
the taste would never be the same like the mum's..
how many of you agreed?
*hands up!*
let's take a look on what i've been doing for this holiday..
so some of the chores would be,
fetching and picking up my big bro from his work,
kitchen work of course,
the notes...
the encyclopedia notes! shhhhh!
my presentation..
oppps..sorry, not one, but two,
i think..
so the presentations...3 (add another one)
what else,
the teaching plan..
some of the admin work..
and planning to visit my eldest sister..
she's expecting..
in days..
do pray for her smooth delivery..
till see you then!

p/s: i'm baking the white snow...just wait for the picas okay? ^_< xoxoxo..

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Grapes, I Want You!

this is so mad!
late at night craving for grapes!
Seedless of course!
let's sleep and dream of it!
that's the mission,
not like last night's dream...
it was the craziest ever..
nauzubillahhi min zalik!
Dear Allah,
please distance me from that kind of person...

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hello Homework! ^_^

dear kids,
here you go,
your homework ^_^

BLB 6-
book: Q: skills for success, Reading and Writing
1) page: 84 until page 89. on page 89, the What do you think section, write an entry and post it on your blogs which concerns only of the questions. 

2) then, page 103 up to page 114, on page 114, the What Do You Think Section, section B, do choose only one of the questions and make an opinion paragraph based on that, to be submitted after the break. 

3) on page 119, read the Q section, read the question carefully, understand, and write a paragraph describing a process done by a person or a machine. follow the plan. do write only a paragraph not an essay. to be submitted after the break. 

4) lastly, on page 124 till 136, please complete the exercises and as for the What Do You Think Section on page 134, please choose only one of the questions, and post your opinion on the blog. TQ

--> meaning that, you are having exercises on reading passages, two blog posts and two opinion based paragraphs to be completed. reminder, do update your blog post everyday. TQ kids!

BLC 3-

book: Q: skills for success, Reading and Writing
1) page 114: on the What Do You Think Section, Section B, do choose one of the questions, and write an entry for the blog post based on that. your opinion may vary.

2) on page 119, read the Q section, read the question carefully, understand, and write a paragraph describing a process done by a person or a machine. follow the plan. do write only a paragraph not an essay. to be submitted after the break. 

3) lastly, on page 124 till 136, please complete the exercises and as for the What Do You Think Section on page 134, please choose only one of the questions, and post your opinion on the blog. TQ

--> meaning that, you are having exercises for reading passages, 2 blog posts and one opinion based paragraph to be completed. reminder, do update your blog post everyday. TQ kids!

okay, i think that's all for now. do ENJOY your homework..
me gonna miss you!
see you in 2 weeks time!

p/s: you'll be having your term paper after the break, do more practice on Reading and Writing peeps..all the best! (^_^)v

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


seems like i'm suffocating.....
*crying lullaby*
7 new materials,
i mean for the quiz which carries only 15 marks
and it is tomorrow,
and it is tomorrow,
do i have to repeat?
and i mean,
it's just like an encyclopedia thick!
15 marks?
teaching plan? - unchecked!
homework? unchecked!
proposals? unchecked!
my presentations? 2 checked, more numbers to go....

Wordless Wednesday- Handwritten Retrieved References

Seriously, I'm not Okay

No wonder it is termed as 'stool'.
It hurts.
To endure the pain is a NO JOKE pain.
And it affects my movements.
Now, feeling bloated sudah..
Can I vomit here?
Don't feel like going out to pour all of them into the sink.
The pale face is here again.
T_T. Me don't like this.
Let's selawat syifa' banyak2 kali..

P/s: phonetic's slides has been delayed since yesterday. To be presented tomorrow. The IOK thingy mingy is worrying me. Too specific isn't a mastery. It is one level lower. By the way, we're not specializing in it. So could you please think twice? *if the class could 'shout' right?* ~Sigh~
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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Nyums! The Ice Cream Freak's Story..

Ehem..these are the New Zealand's..but..preferable Gelato Fruity..coz it is Gelato and less with every single thing that could boost your cholesterol, sugar and blood skyrocket! And the most important thing is, it doesn't have the 'muak' after taste. harm trying new product aite? You can compare it with the one that you've tasted up until now, Gelato Fruity is the best and BR doesn't suit my, this is my preference, what's yours? ^_<

P/s: waiting for another round of Gelato Fruity with the girls after the Eid..hewhewhewhew..
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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Beautiful! - Albi Nadak

amazed by the lyrics,
and the song of course,
and Fares, the singer,
have been listening to this song...
for about years already..
so halwa telinga...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Garfield's Friend! (best-est friend ever)

the above title sums up my eyes............

i want to sleep, but i can't....i have to finish my Dr.M's assignment first, then i can barge onto my latex mattress......just so you wait dear Mr. Mattress 
*pannnggggg!* <- self-wake-up-alarm- THE SLAP! 

p/s: jom buat mcm masa kat secondary dulu, rendam kaki dalam besen, sambil hafal Quranic verses tengah2 malam...

Thursday, 11 October 2012


my assignment has to be in a HAND-written form. i'm not joking kay...
the submission is tomorrow and i did nothing up until now.....................
HAND- written, using INK and PEN, not the keyboard......................
rushing from Nilai, and now stuck with the ideas...................................
8 pages! wow! imaa one hardworking student! weehoooooooooo.......
dear Dr. M....why it has to be HAND-written? T_T....
i love to capitalize the word HAND ey? haha...
positive Sha...there must be wisdoms behind this..!
"me likes this the most "*self-motivation*

~things to revise before the 8 pages thingy~

p/s: me love it! love it! love it! love it!
buku tu dah boleh buat bantal dah..*kononboleh serapsemuainfo*

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Farewell to Group 968 and 955

it has been one semester right?
kids, i'm gonna miss you...
through thick and thin,
we went through all of the challenges,
even though some of you are very very nakal,
yet, to be a teacher,
tolerance must always exist at the peak of the mountain...
if not, i might sank, aite?
TQ for teaching me to be a teacher,
it's the thing that money can't buy..
i'm still learning to be a teacher..
and you taught me a lot kids.
millions of thank you to you!
gonna miss your presence,
heart you!

 ~ the 968~




 ~the 955~

the naughties and the teacher! hehe! ^_^

p/s: they shaped me to be a better teacher, i'm still in the process of learning...gonna miss the kids..T_T

not a break, lifelong reading...(=_=)"

you and i never go hard,
you make us function,
try to tell to you NO,
but my lips are sealed,
but sir, there you go again,
giving us materials to read,
you never said it million times,
yet you asked us to confine in a room with that articles,
stay with that articles,
not only by one night,
i've been waking up trying to complete it,
yet still can't understand it,
but there, i go again,
using only my head,
not my brain,
feeling so stupid,
stupiDO me,
so don't cross my mind- disruption!
i'll read it by heart,
and make me myself and i fall in love with that articles
there me,
go again reading by hard!

p/s: i'm weak when it comes to only black and white reading materials (+_=)"..such a kid aite? for me?  preeties.... handsomes..please! hands up? NONE!, get back to reality, do it on your own...(=_=)"- panda bearie is reading *shhhh*

Monday, 8 October 2012

Animal Frights on My Precious Sunday

it's a long post......

dare to read?

read then..

just sharing ^_^

it;s the phobia that i have to face..last Friday the 'body' phobia..shivered while driving to the class, speed dropped to 60km/hour and i was on the middle lane. WHAT? 60km/ hour? wow..that's so super duper slow..other cars were honking me..but because of the fright or perhaps i might say the un-overcome phobia, i was in that condition, goosebumps all over the body and i couldn't feel my leg but just staring at my tafsir in my car..alhamdulillah..the words f Allah were coming out bit by bit...Allah saves me..TQ Allah..and alhamdulillah, reached Nilai safely and conducted the class with vocabulary games..

as for today, i mean my previous precious Sunday, i was attacked with animal frights! woaaaaaa! another un-overcome phobia that i thought i've overcame's the BLOOD...starting with a weird and smelly smell and i can trace, that. it is the BLOOD! i searched for it, thought that something might have died /or fresh newborn kittens and the mom under my bed. pulled out one drawer, and i saw a pair sparkling eyes looking at me! woahhhhhhhhh! i jumped and ran out of my room to the common area, my roommate was frightened by me and i said, "there is a dead cat under my bed, died with sparkling eyes!" she took a look and got that fright joke kan?

again, my body shivered and trembled. i was so afraid to go near that cat, my friend was saying that the cat is alive..yet she (the cat) doesn't wanna move but was staring at us like we did something wrong to her..but i have to get that cat out of my guys, checked, no help, checked..and at last, i have to make a scene on my own, the heroin of the day was me, of be brave is to overcome the fright, i shoooooh her with the broom, then she jumped out of the window and i can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....the tail is almost dropping....uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....and now i know where the blood came from..from that pity cat..

i have to clean it fast since i've got tuition to teach..i wiped and mopped the blood, while doing that, i was trembling, the pale face was there makes me tired having that..i don't like my pale face...cold sweat was all over the body, and not only that, my closet has been trespassed by her, she sat on my shirts and i can smell that, some of the t-shirts, tudungs, cardigans were stained by the blood..PITY that cat and ME of course..

after 30 minutes...

in the tuition class

monkeys! yikes!

they were not afraid of us, they frighten us by calling the 'friends'!

again, the pale face was there...

but as compared to the BODY and BLOOD, i'm still okay  with the monkeys because there was one sister who helped me chasing the monkeys..alhamdulillah...

hence, in sum, all i can say, my phobias have not been overcame, they are still there and it is dangerous..and my precious Sunday has been disturbed with the animal frights..

p/s: i have to overcome them right? like i did to my phobia with water, now no more, water is my friend..owh how i miss swimming..^_^

Dark Side

There's a place that i knowit's not pretty there and few have ever goneif i show it to you nowwill it make you run away
or will you stayeven if it hurtseven if i try to push you outwill you return?and remind me who i really amplease remind me who i really am
everybody's got a dark sidedo you love me?can you love mine?nobody's a picture perfectbut we're worth ityou know that we're worth itwill you love me?even with my dark side?
like a diamondfrom black dustit's hard to knowwhat can becomeIf you give upso don't give up on meplease remind me who i really am

everybody's got a dark sidedo you love me?can you love mine?nobody's a picture perfectbut we're worth ityou know that we're worth itwill you love me?even with my dark side?
don't run awaydon't run awayjust tell me that you will staypromise me you will staydon't run awaydon't run awayjust promise me you will staypromise me you will stay
will you love me? 
everybody's got a dark sidedo you love me?can you love mine?nobody's a picture perfectbut we're worth ityou know that we're worth itwill you love me?even with my dark side?

by Kelly Clarkson

as for me, not most of the people, but i think all of them have their own dark sides, either they wanna take it or leave it or criticize it or even turn it into a burden...the choice is in your hand..

just love the phrase...'.....nobody's a picture perfect....'